I love the concept of re-invigorating html as the only source of truth for document layout -- and I totally see this being productive for documents that don't need complex design.

That said, I don't love the default design choices here -- colors and "polish." I'm not a professionally trained designer, but I've hand rolled enough software that users eventually complained about to sense when something "feels off" compared to what a really good designer creates with a background in color theory, information density, gradient shadings etc.

If the author is here, have you considered leveraging the aesthetics from other FOSS projects like bulma or tailwind, or collaborating with a professional designer? I know jgthms is sometimes on this site.

I love little libraries like this. I currently use pico.css and will check this one out. This is what our standard DOM elements in the browser should look like. But given that they don’t, there’s libraries like this.

I googled what “classless” meant for this library after another user commented and found the link below if folks are interested in similar libraries.

Looks interesting, but removing the underline for links and only rely on colour except on hover is a big no on the accessibility side
Looks promising -- I have been using Simple.css:

A cursory look suggests that matcha.css is a little more advanced. Will give it a shot.

I think we may need a tool to generate classless CSS frameworks like this, so that everyone can fine-tune color palette, paddings, font sizes an so on
For 30 years we had proportional scroll bars as a standard control. You could see how much of a document your current window is showing. You could click onto the bar to easily jump to a section relative to the document size. You could use the arrow buttons on the top and bottom of the scroll bar. You could tab to it and use the keyboard. If you were impaired in vision or motion, you could use your operating system settings to increase contrast or make them bigger.

And now it's 2024, and people on the web routinely cripple scroll bars to make them an UX nightmare.

The enshittification of UI/UX in browsers due to CSS allowing to completely ruin OS-provided standard controls that used to work just fine is a disgrace.

Please don't use this.

I appreciate the preview functionality which lets you see how it would look on another website. Really intuitive and makes sense on a css-page.
Obligatory link to Swyx's Spark Joy repo:
Why are there still new CSS frameworks being made? Why isn’t this stuff a solved problem?
Ten points to whomever delves the deepest when recursively previewing the site's preview. I'm disappointed with Safari's performance on mobile[1].

What a creative way to demonstrate the lib. I'm excited to give this a try; I hope it's as graceful as demonstrated!


It looks like an encapsulated math-specific tailwind
Looks like a GitHub markdown render
As a grandpa, I love this.
So this is just another classless css framework? They are coming out faster than js frameworks. The logo is beautiful btw
Love it
Not sure I get it.

It sounds like it is a css file which styles standard html elements.

But I'm not sure. If so, where is the css file? And what are those 200 files in the git repo?