I love the acknowledgement that DDG put on their page.

    We're currently experiencing an issue with DuckDuckGo Search. Thanks for your patience while we get our ducks in a row.

    In the meantime, you can use other search engines right here by using "bangs"
So fun and straightforward.
I grew up using Google (and ask jeeves and yahoo.) In school, google won.

Now, google sucks. It's all ads, AI SEO maxxing, and the work to find useful results has gone up manyfold. I found myself using site:"" to get closer to what I needed.

I tried DDG, and it's more or less the same, but it's like the search engine is conspiring against you to more or less find completely useless results.

I tried kagi, and i love it. I hate that it's 100 searches for the cheapest account, but it gets me right into the thick of my research off the bat, plus searching smallweb has brought my faith back into the internet, and it's AI stuff is useful, insofar that it doesn't get in the way.

DDG is still my standard search tool for "picture of banana" or "WWII jet airplanes" but for "forum discussion 73 magazine article on homebrew superheterodyne receiver from 1980s" im going straight to kagi.

A Microsoft outage is the source of this problem:

  A massive Microsoft outage affects, Copilot for web and mobile, Copilot in Windows, ChatGPT internet search and DuckDuckGo.
  Microsoft outage started at approximately 3 AM EDT and seems to have primarily affected users in Asia and Europe.
So much about DuckDuckGo's claim that Bing is only a part of their search results.
Can't wait to find out what happened here. This seems to be a massive outage. Interesting how fragile things become when so much technology is concentrated into just a few companies.
> "Update 1: Microsoft has confirmed an issue where users may be unable to access the Microsoft Copilot service"

So not all bad then?!

> Hopefully DDG will be back soon, as I'm loathe to go back to Google for search.

Maybe Kagi is an option for you? I'm very happy with them and exclusively use them for more than a year now after never getting comfortable with DDG.

alentred is down too at the moment.

Curiously I cannot find a "health" or a "status" page for either.

I duno how this isn't getting more views tbh

Ecosia and Duckduckgo and Bing are down, there's at least 5% of the search engine market (the non-google part) down at the moment

While we are on the subject of search engines, which search engines still show you like blogs, forum posts and stuff like that? Most of the blogs for obscure projects or problems are no longer even discoverable.
It seems to be all search engines powered by Bing. Ecosia isn't working either, and they also don't have a status page.
Huh, of all those, ddg seems the odd one. I thought it used its own search service, didn't realise it was bing underneath. Even if that's not entirely true the fact that the home page is down due to the same reason that bing is down doesn't look good.
I switched to Brave search; I think their search results are from a search engine they acquired, so they don't use Bing or Google unless you tell them to 'mix in' those results. I've actually found Brave search's results to be more accurate and less spammy than Google's, but they still exhibit similar biases in predictable areas.
It was me. I asked it which pigeon has orange beak and it crashed it.
DDG relying on bing for doing searches is... strange to me. I feel like I've seen its own web crawler in my access logs
It's probably because Bing is down
This appears to be covered by the following HN submission which already has a dozen comments. Please redirect your interest there:

Startpage [0] search also is not returning web results. But image search is working. I wonder what's happening.


DuckDuckGo also is unable to provide search results, which seems to confirm they use Bing as a base for their searches.
I use Ecosia (which Bing powered) and wondered why it was down earlier. Makes you realise just how few players there actually are in the search rankings space.
If you look up "hacker news", it at least shows you an insert from the Wikipedia article, even if there are no normal results:
The movies were indeed way ahead and knew -- Mothership snaps and the entire fleet just collapse like an unplugged discharged device.
According to the comments on this lemmy post [0] Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, StartPage, Qwant are/were affected


Ecosia is also down. I think all of these use Bing under the covers? If it is actually a Bing problem, it is pretty incredible that MS has an outage this long. Makes me think twice about the stability of Azure.
I just experienced this as well. I had a giggle when I opened a new tab and searched "is duckduckgo down" and the default search engine is ... duckduckgo.

Still no results .. strange :P

How in the world is DDG dependent upon Bing to function? So glad I switched to Brave Search :)
Single point of faaaaiiiiiluuuuure - Sing it!
Whats up with the 'surprised' comments about ddg? I don't like ddg myself, but it has never been a secret that they base their results on bing.
Nice to see, and are still kicking it. In case anyone needs to know alternatives besides the monopoly that is Google.
I hope duckduckgo tries to shift away from Bing. They were lying about the fact that "we rely on different crawlers apart from Bing"
Question for OP. What would be your guess that someone like he article writer is able to make the inference that Bing being down was also impacting DDG or ChatGPT ?

Is it public knowledge that they use the Bing backend to do their work ?

Particularly for Bing Copilot, isn't the relationship the other way around (OpenAI has the core sauce, bing uses its API to power their copilot searches) ?

maybe it's time to centralize crawlers and search data, making it publicly available to anyone willing to process it.

Not only would that reduce crawler traffic on websites to a single crawler entity it would make page data available for any indexer.

The idea that one company owns this data is kind of silly, it should be a coalition or a group of companies working together...

In the meantime you can try KARMA, the first search engine dedicated to protecting animals and biodiversity! It's powered by Brave Search so it's privacy friendly and independent from the GAFAMs. You can check it out here:
Looks like it's affecting anything Bing-related, at least over here in Australia. Same symptoms for Bing and Ecosia.
Use Brave search for now instead.

I’ve started using instead of Duck Duck Go as my default search engine (which in turn replaced Google search, the spyware/adware posing as a search engine)

I was formerly a huge advocate of DDG but between the Microsoft ad tracking the company was paid to include without disclosing to users [1] and their pro-censorship stance on the Ukraine war [2], they lost my trust.

Turns out Duck Duck Go is not a serious company. They are not serious about privacy and they are not serious about censorship, two principles I hold dear.

"It takes years to build trust and seconds to destroy it." - Warren Buffett

Now is my default on both Desktop and iOS (using the excellent Safari extension Hyperweb)

I realized DDG was just a skin on Bing a couple of days ago. Bing's results have gone incredibly sour. Too many ads on bing. Bing speaks of censorship and fake results (repeated listings of the same garbage on 3rd, 4th pages).

The only thing DDG is good for: using bangs! search any and every search engine thru ![bang].

What other search engines are still good? Google hit the fan a couple of years back after the hire of Prabhakar Raghavan ( Bing cowered to censored results. ChatGPT is muzzled.

Bangs still seem to work, so "[search term] g!" saves the day until this is fixed.
DDG has been down all morning (UK) on safari mobile and chrome on windows 10.
Yes. It certainly appears so, and has been down for at least a couple hours.
Is it just me or is it really weird that neither Microsoft, or ANY of the search engines that uses Bing on the backend has posted anything about this?

DuckDuckGo and Ecosia has not been working all morning (CET) but there is zero indication on their sites that they are even aware of the problem. DuckDuckGo has a single Reddit posts and that's it.

Started about an hour ago (~1716454800000)
"We're currently experiencing an issue with DuckDuckGo Search. Thanks for your patience while we get our ducks in a row.

In the meantime, you can use other search engines right here by using "bangs":

    Google: !g why did youtube remove my subscriptions list
    Yahoo: !y why did youtube remove my subscriptions list
    Wikipedia: !w why did youtube remove my subscriptions list
    And many more."
This change just happened. I've been waiting on Ddg since ~10am in Frankfurt, Germany.
Is there any possibility that the latest Windows 11 update which is going out to "Insiders" now could be massively increasing the load on CoPilot / Bing infrastructure?
Ddg has been down for 5 hours. Quite a problem they got.
Bing is down and the rest of those use Bing for results?
What a coincidence!

I used it after 3-4 months and it didn't show any search results. Thought I had forgotten how to use their !bangs feature. Turns out it is down

If you still want to search with bing you can use this URL

Teamviewer also seems to have issues. No one in our company can even log in, not even get past the email screen in their own web app
This probably relates to the Bing Search API. A lot of these alternative search engines are using Bing for the organic results.
I had been using DuckDuckGo for the last 2-3 years, but starting from early this year I noticed that their search index just didn’t index some of the things I searched for (enterprise tech stuff). These searches worked ok before and still worked with other engines. So I finally switched to Kagi and am happy with it.
Yup, I am also running into the same issue where duck duck go is returning the error message:

> Sorry, we ran into an error displaying these results. Click here to try again.

I thought it was just duck duck go, but I tried searching with bing, and was met with:

> It's not you, it's us

> Bing isn't available right now, but everything should be back to normal very soon.

Non-Google recommendations in the interim?
Unlikely, but perhaps this might motivate DDG into finally making their own index and eventually drop bing
Kagi works just fine:
Maybe it was acquired by Google?
Oops lots of corporates MS Dyanmics platforms down as they rely on Bing address api!
Actually uses bing API too and has a warning at the top of their homepage.
secondary_op also down, looks like duckduckgo is frontend to bing

at least bing images,

Hillarious! I was debugging a python script and didn't get results from duckduckgo and I was checking ANYTHING else first before checking their page manually.

Then checking if my IP perhaps is blocked.

Nope, down in general, no search results

My conspiracy mind tells me, may be bing changed their search api with breaking changes or suddenly introduced massive billing(think Twitter API, reddit API et al.) hence all search-engines pulled an immediate break without having time to fix/update.
I don’t see anybody mentioning Brave Search. I’m getting 500. Anybody else?
Perhaps it's time to give Mojeek a try if you haven't already.
DDG Site responds, but gives and error and is not showing search results.
Maybe this forces DDG and ChatGPT to make their own search engine index and corpus. Sure it might be a few years too late for the former, but thats probably what they said 5 years ago too.
Get the same error with both Firefox and Edge. Very frustrating.
Hmmm... Is having a status page a sign of engineering maturity?
Bing wrappers exposed.
Did they stop publishing detailed traffic stats? They used to have a very detailed page if I recall correctly, but I can't find it any more.
I wrote a Langchain ReAct agent that searches the web for me using Wikipedia, Serpapi (google), and DDG. Works better than traditional search.
I'm not sure why DDG has become such an acceptable google alternative. Even google returns less IP-based, irrelevant results. It's not terrible and sometimes it's good, but results are frequently absurd. I find an instance of searx, or even swisscows generally superior. DDG has no regard for specific queries and always seems to insert a handful of ridiculous IP-based results, however impossibly pertinent to the subject. I think DDG has IP tourette.
It started failing on searches 1-2 hours ago.
Microsoft outage
Probably nothing, or a rogue AI is taking over MS.

This is the real world...if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it

Kagi works just fine:
They lost all relevance after they gleefully announced their manipulation of search results 2 years ago
I rediscovered Yahoo thanks to it.
So, Kagi's not relying on Bing ?
DDG down here
Yes, ddg is just a bing frontend which anonymizes results before sending them to MS.
I was getting an error from Bing not working earlier today. Possibly related?
Yup. Maybe it's a NS, LB, or IPv6 only problem because it works eventually.
Duckduckgo doesn't work on Windows 11 but does work on Windows 10
Sorry, should have said that it was with the Safari brower
Bet their site reliability team was saying “F*k F*k No!”
Death by outsourcing.
Maybe it's an issue with their Bing connection..
I have been meaning to check out Brave search anyhow.
Luckily !g still works, but this is pretty by bad.
Weird, it still is not working for me.

edit: working now.

down for me. doesn't get search results
It's still down... crazy.

I had to use Yahoo today, ew.

Duckduckgo is working fine on my iPhone15.
Bing is working though, DDG still down
Even shows no results
Is it just me, or has DDG been having trouble often lately? Or is it just a combination with some outage + degradation of search results lately that makes me g! regularly these days? Didn't use to need that.
Still down.
I also sometimes get 500 on Brave Search, but not always? Kagi works fine. Yeah, something is wrong with bing. That’s what you get when you rely on others instead of building your own. A jenga tower.
Oops, lots of corporate MS Dynamics platforms are down as they rely on Bing address api
Same for Startpage
same. I just noticed it too, about 30 minutes ago
Yes, seeing it too, for about an hour already! Came here to check. Nothing on their xitter page but this thing is spiking:
yeah seems like at least for many that is the case. I wasn't aware that so many engines are using bing! under the hood. Afaik qwant uses their own thing and that startpage is using google under the hood, but that might have changed
22-May-2024 ... the day privacy (finally) died.
DDG is back.
bing as well
keyword !brave works though
not down for me.
what a quack
Same for Startpage.

Using Kagi now

Is it just me or is search terribly broken on the internet.

It’s Google or Bing and Bing imposters.

Why aren’t there more broad search options? Search was better when we had page rank algorithms. It’s gotten over condensed into 2 companies.

That's it, ddg is gone from my Firefox and hopefully from my browsing habits.

Speaking about Firefox, it is insane how needlessly complicated it is to add new search engine to Firefox [1]

    1. Open a new tab and type about:config in the address bar
    2. In the search box type: browser.urlbar.update2.engineAliasRefresh
    3. Click on the little + symbol on the right. It should look like after you pressed it: boolean true value
    4. Go to firefox Settings → Search. Or enter this in the address bar: about:preferences#search
    5. In the "Search Shortcuts" section you should notice a new "add" button. search add button
    6. Press the add button and fill in the name, search engine url and a keyword(optional).
    7. Go to the "Default Search Engine" section and select the engine you just added.