I've always loved Standard ML and feel it's never gotten the love that it deserved.

It was my introduction to typed FP concepts via this course (Part A)

If you haven't taken a plunge into Standard ML or OCaml and are interested, I can't suggest this playlist enough

It's such a lovely introduction to Ocaml and programming in general and has a free online textbook. It's a lot of videos but each one is 5-10 minutes so it's very easy to hop in and out.

This is a very cool project.

There is also MLKit's SMLtoJs which compiles to Javascript, but not to Lua.

On work laptop (Windows) at the moment. Will get to it in the weekend, but can some kind soul tell me: is the lua and js generated code readable?

(Standard for readable for me is ReScript)

I've had a great time discovering Fable, which compiles F# to JS or TS.

The cost of moving from VSCode to neovim has always put me off, but if I could write the config in F# it would tempt me more.

How far is standard ML from F#?

Is there any existing compiler for F# => Lua?

I got tricked up by the acronym. This compiles the programming language "Standard ML [Meta Language]" to the programming languages Lua or JavaScript. It's not a machine learning compiler.