That stress simulation is very interesting. I wonder would happen if they just filleted all the corners, inside and out.

They've added a lot of direct compression "paths" through the vertical web so it's not surprising it's unloaded the corners where the stress used to "go around" the void.

Integza posted an interesting video about novel applications of porous metal printed parts. Really excited to see how this develops.
What temperature does it melt at? I'm curious to know more failure more.

I'm also curious how the human immune system reacts to it, though I'm sure it's not known yet.

What kinds of parts are currently made with these of printers? I assume they are slow that it takes really interesting shapes or tolerances to warrant not using traditional manufacturing.
Strong enough for a space elevator?
I thought limpet teeth were the strongest material known?
Has anyone tried printing this with an FDM printer?
It already exists, its called infill
Observation: it took longer to respond to the GDPR popup than read the article. And to be frank, I just skimmed/quick read the descriptions of each choice.