There are a ton of other userChrome fix repos. I've gotten rid of my tab bar entirely and replaced it with a sidebar addon. Unfortunately my css seems to break with every other Firefox release.

I really wish Firefox would make the UI more stable and make user chrome mods some kind of plugin system where I can pick and choose how to deeply customize the interface.

I've never used their actual project, but I really like the article they wrote covering Firefox UI changes over time (you can find it under the wiki pages of the repo) - https://github.com/black7375/Firefox-UI-Fix/wiki/%5BArticle%...

Mozilla has made significant UI changes every 3-4 years, with the last one being in 2021. Perhaps we're about due to see another?

In the beginning Firefox was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and was widely regarded as a bad move.
Proton is what made me ditch Firefox.

I don't want my screen real estate taken up by bigger and bigger toolbars, which was exactly one of the motivating reasons Firefox evolved its UI back in v4, circa 2011 [1].

I went to Vivaldi. It has tons of customization options, like classic Opera.

[1]: https://github.com/black7375/Firefox-UI-Fix/wiki/%5BArticle%...

Firefox has had an issue open for years that it's trivial for a website to create invisible tabs.


The main reason I've been using this is to make my tabs look like tabs again, and not floating buttons.
The userChrome system seems to change a little bit too often. Or maybe I’m just using it wrong.

A couple time I’ve set my tabs so that they’ll show up in the same bar as the URL bar. This let me get down to one bar.

It was wonderful but it only ever seems to last one update before breaking for some reason. Very annoying, especially coming from the one group that usually doesn’t think they know more about your computer should look than you do.

Try Floorp. It's folk of Firefox, just like Vivaldi/Edge in Chrome.

It supports switching the look and do things like this repository does.

As noted, there are quite a few of these, I use this project:


It's actively maintained and lets me put the tab bar directly above the content but you can set it up to fully return you to the days of Firefox 4 if you want...

I wish there was a working userChrome.css fix for "Close all tabs to the right" to appear at the top-level right click, not nested in a submenu. I don't understand the decision by Mozilla and the argument that this is only needed by pro-users. Chrome has it at the top-level, too.
With all faults accounted for, I still have to give hats off to Firefox for having user customizable UI. Are there any other software applications out there providing customization features? Not many.
This is a great project! Once you use it, it's hard to go back, you'll miss a lot of these fixes.
Can you make nested menu hover-to-expand-able again in Firefox (instead of having to click)? This is the change I hate most and I still can't get used to it (due to the fact no other software on my computer does this).
Firefox needs to copy Vivaldi features and then it will become the best browser on the market.

Or maybe Vivaldi could develop a browser based on Firefox.

Definitely a must once you install it. I love the improved usability and readability. Thank you author for making my browsing more pleasant !
When FF released Proton (which seemed to prefer visual candy over function) I switched to Waterfox. Never looked back.
Amazing. I'm using it daily.
damn i stumbled upon this it reminded me of how long it has been since i committed to https://github.com/ewen-lbh/ffcss lmao

pretty sure it's broken, maybe i should revive it?