Howdy! I’d like to introduce you to what we’re building: Tau, a solution to a problem every developer faces: making local code work at scale without breaking the bank.

Tau is an open-source platform designed to make your development life easier. It scales your projects seamlessly from local to production, sidestepping the usual high costs and complexities of traditional cloud providers.

Tau has been built to be simple to use and mighty in performance. It’s your coding experience, supercharged for the cloud—no Kubernetes nightmares here.

We're continually improving Tau and would really value your feedback to make it even better.

Samy (https://github.com/samyfodil)

It's nice someone is looking at Kubernetes critically.

"Taubyte eliminates the need for DevOps and platform engineering"

Every developer? No, developers that can't keep it simple.

One of the reason Kubernetes became mainstream is developers pushed adoption to get higher paying jobs.

Of course it's managers as well, in an age in which most engineering managers have limited technical knowledge (i.e. wouldn't pass their own engineering interview).

Engineers have lost the ability to keep things simple, to make technical assessments in an objective manner and push back on management.

For most apps that assessment would be: we can put it on a VPS.