I’d love to see the default examples seeded from the “best comments” section [1].

Three of examples on the current home page surface some toxic threads (“llm waifus”, “internet of shit”, and “AI Doomers”)… which while controversial aren’t as rich or insightful as say the comments from people that built Rust, the whole earth catalog, or the first x86 chip.


Minor nit-pick: The browser back button doesn't seem able to navigate back to the landing page.

Interesting project, though. As a shortcut, I usually just use the hidden /active URL to find the interesting stories. Generally these are the ones with the most active commentary and often they get pushed off the main HN screen quickly by the "flamewar detector". So you have to be quick to find them, or just use /active.

Good work!

The sample searches were particularly strong for uncovering discussions on specific subjects, i.e. 'Dedicated Vector Databases'.

With less focused searches, such as 'Deep Work', I notice some results feel only loosely related. Is this an aim – to broaden the scope of discovery that may not seem directly related?

Feature request: I expected that clicking on the number of comments would send me to the HN page like in the HN search. Just make all the second line clicky too.
Ah so this is what we wrote about recently. Good job. Would be interested how you did it for sure :) It was really quick too!

Also, somehow this has a relatively big horizontal margin on mobile.

Nice work. I also enjoy reading comments. Diverse comments can provide more information.