What is there to show? What did you build? To my understanding you're providing a service in a subscription model, no product. You are not even asking for any particular feedback. Most cringe thing is, why do you write about yourself in a 3rd person?
I like the idea. You can mention some more specific use-cases like offer to build an MVP from scratch, then provide subscription based support. Or suggest taking-over a project from another outsourcing team, etc.
I like the idea. Pricing is a little bit odd, is small enough that I understand you will get other clients simultaneously, and large enough I want to gamble with East Europe dev agency.
Great approach, but I‘d like to understand what exactly a request means. The website is not very clear about it so far.
I like the idea, the graphics are a little too dark and please enter an email as contact.
Your FAQs has this question repeated:

- Is there a limit to how many requests I can have?

How are you reaching out to your target audience ?
Hi,how do i reach out to you!