Hi yall, founder of Daylight here.

Happy to answer any questions you have. Long time lurker, so this is pretty cool to finally take part :)

I made this because I wanted the eye-strain free and minimalist qualities of my kindle/Eink applied to so much more of what I do on a computer.

Lack of speed and ghosting felt like it made traditional Eink impossible to do most computing tasks. So we focused on making the most Paperlike epaper display that has no ghosting and high refresh rate - 60 to 120fps. We started working on this in 2018.

We developed our own custom epaper display tech we call LivePaper. We focused on solving the tradeoffs RLCDs traditionally have - around reflectance %, metallic-look / not Paperlike enough, viewing angle, white state, rainbow mura, parallax, resolution, size, lack of quality backlight, etc.

First proof of concept in late 2021, and then it took us 2.5 years to get it into production.

And we built a whole android tablet around it.

It’s essentially our attempt at making a remarkable tablet on steroids / kindle on steroids. Definitely some trade offs, but on the whole we think it’s worth it. (& on twitter a bunch of early customers seem to think so too)

Note: it’s 60fps epaper, not off the shelf Eink. We spent years developing what we think is the best epaper display in the world and it’s exclusively manufactured by our display factory in Japan.

There’s still many cases where traditional Eink is going to be better (bistability, viewing angle, white state color, etc), but we feel for more general purpose computers you can code on and do google docs on and do fast multitouch amongst a thousand other things, the speed and lack of ghosting totally makes it worth it.

Think of it as a Godzilla sized pebble watch with a decade of improvement

Or think of it as a gameboy advanced, advanced

This is really a nice product, but I won't order it unless SolOS and its firmware and drivers are open sourced.

I've probably spent far more than 8000 bucks over the years for devices like this, only to have to throw them away eventually because their software got abandoned and they've been so proprietary that they can only function as an expensive brick on the shelf.

If the software is closed source, I'd recommend everyone to stay away from any product like this. It is a deal breaker for me now, and it took a lot of cash and hype to realize it.

Products like this are not a mainstream product, which makes them high risk for their investors. And you have to minimize risk by demanding open source.

I got to try one of these a while back and I personally have to say it's a bit generous to call them e-paper. These are more like reflective LCDs you'd see in a GameBoy. You'll notice all marketing photos of it are in either direct sunlight or have the backlight on. I compared it to my reMarkable in an indoor setting and I would honestly prefer the reMarkable's low FPS over the Daylight's low reflectivity for reading books or taking notes.

Of course this all changes if you plan to watch videos or whatever on it - but for me personally the value proposition of an e-paper tablet is not about being able to consume that kind of stuff.

All the best to you!

Just one little thing: I think you're killing your conversions.

The website is janky even on my M1 Macbook Air. Not sure the scroll hijacking stuff is really needed to get your point across either.

(Check it yourself

IMO, the software will be the most important part of the device, not necessarily the screen.

What makes the Remarkable great is that it's functionality (while limited) makes for an excellent experience.

Any more details on what apps will be built in and designed for the device? (not just 3rd party Android apps that will feel like any other tablet).

Also - I would order this immediately to support more e-ink devices, but the display is too small for me - at least 13" to display full page documents.

I got super hyped first when I saw all the details. I use a Boox Page and love the device. This would be a super nice addition which could act as a fully functional tablet.

But then I saw the price tag, and that it’s only 190 ppi. That killed it immediately for me. I hated the first few generations of Kindle because of the low resolution display. I think it’s unbearable in an e-ink display. And the price is a bit outrageous for what it offers..

Oof. I hope the tablet is better than the website. I think I need to switch to a device with a dedicated GPU to see it right. My laptop is struggling, and it's running a 12th gen i5. They seem to be using a video provider that can't keep up either.

Still, the tablet looks exciting, especially since it's based on Android. I'm curious as to how they overcame the refresh rate issue that plagues so many similar displays.

I've been dreaming of a device like this to run Obsidian on. I made an e-ink theme for Obsidian[1] but the refresh rate and ghosting of e-ink makes it less appealing to work with. I am curious to see if this device will solve some of those issues.


This looks really neat and I’d love to see if it becomes a viable replacement for rM2. For now it reminded me that I can set my OLED iPad to monochrome (via Accessibility > Display > Color Filters and crank up Night Shift). I just added shortcuts to my dock to toggle between these modes. Now I have the best of all worlds..

Typing this from my Magic Keyboard at 120fps 264ppi in warm monochrome.

I do wish I could get a graphite tip for the Pencil Pro to use on the textured screen.

$729, lol. Inkplate 10 is still on my want list. A 14 inch version at $729 would be of more interest than a 10 inch version which is too small to read full page PDFs. 60 hz update for e-paper is nice but imho not that valuable. I see it as a reading device not video.
Android 13 with 8GB RAM. I'm not familiar with the MediaTek Helio G99 CPU.

Will this perform well or just be another underpowered tablet for $800?

I might be a minority here, but I don't really consider the Android OS a feature I want. As a Remarkable 2 owner, I've come to really appreciate the long battery life and purpose built OS. There are no "app" distractions, and it has become an essential part of my daily work flow for note taking and e-book reading.

I wish Daylight success, but at their price, its not a compelling offer for me.

Looking forward to MyDeepGuide's review. The product sounds great, but when it comes to e-ink devices he's the reviewer I trust.

Being able to use my ipad as an extra monitor is one of the main reasons I always carry it around.

It might be too late for this model, but enabling the tablet to be used as a USB monitor, with all tablet functionality / storage hidden from the PC OS, or as a wi-di monitor, would easily justify a large chunk of the cost for some of us, and provide the tablet a useful life long past its last android os update.

Any more specific numbers on battery life? I see it says "days" on the website, but I'm curious if there's an hours number with usage condition specified (ie, screen on, reading a book, etc.)
I wish you the very best of luck.

I bought a remarkable and while it works well the price is the most remarkable thing about it.

Remarkable is also remarkably unfriendly toward their user base to be built on so much open source tech.

They recently had a IP watchgroup file takedowns for template building materials on figma. Really onerous move given it is perfectly valid nominative fair use to say a template is made for the remarkable 2 the same as you would say something is made for an ipad.

I'm a current owner of a Ratta Supernote A5X. I use the Supernote all the time. I previously had a Remarkable 2, but thankfully Remarkable added a subscription which made me look elsewhere and led me to the Supernote.

This seems right up my alley. Although, $800 seems steep.

The new Supernote A5X2 is due this year... at probably half the price? Granted it doesn't have the 60fps display, but it definitely has a bunch of other features. Is the 60fps worth $400 more?

Epilepsy warning if you're on Firefox! The page background rapidly flashes between black to white:

The flashing is much more rapid than shows up in my screen recording.

(Firefox 126.0 on Windows 11)

A whiff of fresh air into the scene. Please keep it relatively simple but performant but with the user in mind. And no, this doesn’t need to have any AI in it.
I have the remarkable and the main reason I don't use it and use an android tablet (with a normal screen) instead is because of the remarkable's bad software support; can't sync documents and notes securely (e2ee) using standard tooling.

Put money in supporting mainline linux distributions and I will buy this in a heartbeat. Many would.

To me the videos are absolutely mind blowing, congratulations on the launch.

It feels like a leap forward in an area of tech that has totally stagnated (e-ink). I think this device is tackling a few hard problems all at once. Well done and I wish you luck.

It would be nice for e-ink to eventually get better contrast than this:
I was really excited for this - I’ve been saying to all my friends that I wish I could use my kindle for more. Obviously the kindle is quite slow so it’s not a good fit for reading on the web (I use Instapaper a lot and wish I could have that experience in eInk). I also read scientific papers and those often have figures that are very hard to read on a small black and white display, and I tend to scribble in the margins when I referee for conferences.

For these tasks I use my iPad Air, but the eye strain problem is real if you’re reading for hours at a time. Since I bought a small laptop, I exclusively use my iPad for reading and writing. The writing experience could be better, with the surface feeling a little too glassy.

My big worries are the app support. I use notability to write notes, which has OCR and allows syncing to my laptop and phone. My bookmarks sync across browsers. My reading list syncs with Instapaper and my citations with Zotero. Can I get a similar syncing system?

Another perennial problem with such devices is the stylus. I’ve lost 2 apple pencils at conferences. It’s horrible - you now can’t write anything until you get a replacement. At least with an Apple Pencil you can walk into any store and pay the exorbitant $120 to buy a new one (imagine if you could never borrow a pen from anyone ever again and each pen cost over $100 - that’s what it feels like). How will I get a replacement pencil for this device if it falls down in an airport or out of my bag in some conference center far from home?

But as others have said, the iPad is a tried and tested device. It has a powerful ecosystem and great resolution. The base model comes with 128GB of on device storage. And it’s $600, significantly cheaper than this device. I find the price tag hard to justify in comparison .

More or less the same screen tech as some old Sony PalmOS PDAs like SJ20 from the 2000s: Transflective greyscale LCD.

Glad they are making a comeback. They were nice. I still use an SJ20 to read ebooks for this very reason. Plus, they can be had for $10 on eBay.

Congrats on the launch. I've owned a few Boox devices and a Kindle. I love e-ink for reading and note taking. I don't need my entire computer, but definitely useful for a few things.

If I hadn't bought a Kindle Scribe just 5 months ago, I'd have picked this up right away - if I come into some funds in the next little while, I just might anyway. Lots of opportunity for improvement over the kindle.

I'd love to see a deep-dive on your screen tech and understand how you built it. I love clever engineering. Hopefully you'll be public on some of that stuff. I'm assuming you have patents, so it's out there somewhere, but hearing from you about the process of creation I think would be really interesting.

On your website the "Who we are - A more caring computer company" doesn't link to anywhere. I think you're missing a great opportunity to tell us more about you.

Looking forward to your success!

It's not an e-ink display, but rather a monochrome transreflective lcd. [1]


I'm excited for all these epaper devices for use on my sailboat.

Everyone uses tablets + Navionics, but glass tablets absolutely suck in bright daylight. It will be nice to find an ePaper device that I trust enough to use for charts.

Looks beautiful and would definitely like one, though I don't think I have a use case that justifies the cost. This looks great for people who do a lot of reading and/or writing outside away from their desk. I wish that were me. My use case, fwiw: 1) I use my laptop for writing because I'm much faster on laptop than pencil anyway and if I have to carry a keyboard+ipad/epad I might as well have a laptop; 2) am not a "writer" so don't need that "distraction free" experience (though I do love the thought of it, I sadly have very little opportunity to sit in the forest and compose); 3) when I do have time for reading for pleasure, I use dead-tree paper (I've had various e-book devices over the years and keep coming back to paper: can throw it in a bag and take it on a hike with the kids without worrying about it getting damaged; I don't like "owning" (aka renting) DRM'd material; I avoid Amazon as much as possible; I buy used if I can find it; I want to be able to pass it on to someone else); 4) if I'm reading academic papers (a good use case for Daylight), I'm going to be making notes somewhere (much faster with keyboard), copy/pasting or links for reference, maybe sending a comment to a co-worker on Slack or making a TODO in Jira, and usually at my desk since it's usually work related. I used to have an iPad+keyboard but realized it didn't really provide me anything over a MacBook, so the kids have the iPad and the keyboard is in a drawer. Major kudos for what looks like an outstanding device.
I'm too wary to be an early adopter, but I'm glad that there are many people who are stoked about getting in on this. If it turns out to be as great as it seems, it will be a dream come true.
I've tried a bunch of eink tablets (scribe, supernote, remarkable). At the end of the day, I go back to just plain paper and ink, the advantages of digital just wasn't worth it. I can buy a quality notebook for $25 or less and it will last me a year. For the cost of this device that means I can get a stack of 30 of those notebooks which will last me most of the rest of my life. I doubt the daylight computer will have a 30 year service life.
Nice! This is really neat. I love e-paper but like many others in this thread, wish it was better. This seems to be a really good alternative. I had to pause at the price though.
If anyone is looking for a much cheaper alternative to this very impressive device for the sole purpose of typing or writing in daylight, I made a mobile app you can use in conjunction with a Kindle or other e-reader:
Can somebody figure out display part# this uses?
For everyone who’s curious about the screen tech like me, you’re getting tripped up on the marketing term “epaper”. From Daylight’s own comments here, it appears to be an LCD display. Hence good refresh rate (where the limitation may be in what the silicon can drive), no display when off, and mere “days” of battery life. The work is in giving it eInk-like readability.
Happily interested in this, I discover that they have broken the scrolling on the homepage about this for reasons. This tells me that since they have never tried their own homepage, they don't really care about usability so their product is probably not going to be very good.
Would be neat to have this display for the Framework 13...
Who makes this?

"About" section has 5 (five) words of waffle in it, their ToS is buried and doesn't give any indication of what this company is, except the name, phone number and governing jurisdiction (CA).

Their "founder" in comments here is a newly registered HN account.

Mind sharing which website builder you used so I can avoid them like the plague? I see other complaints here, but for me it completely fails to show anything, saying that a client-side error occurred (iOS 16.6.1), in a full-screen modal with text selection disabled.
WoW! Sounds amazing! I'm curious about a few things: How does LivePaper compare to traditional e-ink in terms of battery life, given the higher refresh rates? Are there any specific challenges you faced while ensuring the display's durability and consistency, especially with the custom tech involved? How does the viewing experience of LivePaper hold up in different lighting conditions compared to traditional e-ink and LCD displays? What kind of feedback have you received from early users regarding the usability and performance of the tablet in various applications like coding, document editing, and gaming?

Looks like a really interesting device! I have one question about one of the taglines on the home page "A distraction free space". What are the things inherent to the OS that make it distraction free? Is it Android with notifications ripped out?

I wish it had page turn buttons.

I bought an Oasis entirely because of the buttons. Once again Amazon has killed their only reader with buttons.

They clearly don’t care much about Kindles in general, they’ve had software issues like missing features forever that Amazon doesn’t care about fixing.

This lacks ghosting, the screen and CPU are fast enough not to be obnoxious when doing literally anything (low bar, but Kindle). It’s USB-C, and since it runs Android apps it runs the Kindle app.

But no page turn buttons. I get those don’t matter for a normal tablet, but to me their do for an e-reader. I guess it’s just as well, they probably wouldn’t work in the Kindle app anyway.

I just ordered one, too! I'm a huge fan of eInk tablets and always loved the Pebble display. Your design is very clean, and the screen quality looks beautiful.

I can't wait to run this as a thin client to my Lenovo P920 ML workstation.

Interesting product, but this is probably one of the worst website ever, it's hard to browse and very hard to find actual useful information, let alone specifications about the HW/Battery..
Very promising. It would be super interesting to have an in-depth (when/if possible) understanding of LivePaper. If it is indeed "as eink but solving eink problems" I feel it could be adopted (licensed) from the industry in a blink.

In general, I dislike Android on eink devices but I have to admit I am talking about classic eink tablets. The main concern would be the battery life, that is usually always reduced in respect of custom linux based OS.

Pioneering new electronic paper technology is extremely underrated and important, kudos to you all for this!

Love that you are calling a tablet what it really is: a computer.

Now for a crazy question: does the Daylight Computer support an external full color display via a usb-c dock? Color when you need it… epaper when you don’t.

A pen-tablet with a transflective display and a commodity OS is very compelling. I've been working for a few years on a "multimedia sketchpad"[0] application with a primarily grayscale UI that screams for a device like this. I imagine the browser port might already work acceptably, but perhaps I'll revisit a native Android port with the Daylight in mind...


I am not an Android user, but I primarily rely on a cross-platform note taking app that supports Android. Does Android with this device support OS-native OCR to convert writing to text? I'm curious if this is usable with Standard Notes.

I currently own and use a reMarkable 2 daily, and then transcribe notes to Standard Notes when I'm near my computer. Would love something that lets me skip the transcription step with the advantages of e-ink / writing with a stylus.

I dunno, after the steaming pile that the Dasun Color Monitor turned out to be (some notes of mine here [1]), I’m kind of weary of this e-ink thing. The problem isn’t just ghosting and slowness, I could deal with that. It’s also reflective, very poor contrast, bad dithering, awful color reproduction.

One would have to hold it in ones hand first.

…very cool looking project though.


Looks nice! I think I'd only get it if I could use it as a monitor though. Displaying more than grayscale colors would be a plus too. Still glad to see it though.
If I could afford it, I would buy this just to support the idea and invest in an industry that focusses more on reducing the “virtual noise” and creating computers that are more like natural tools/artefacts that blend in with our environments instead of separating us from them and from each other and distracting us from what we actually value in life. I hope you succeed on your mission!
Your product is very appealing, and I was just about to place an order. However, the purchase interface seems to be frequently unstable, showing application errors. It took me three attempts to finally see that your product is priced at $729 and won't be available until November. I hope you can optimize the payment system or make the pricing clearer on the homepage.
This is awesome, I ordered one.

Please bring this display technology to larger formats if it ever makes sense economically, this is like the dream for a wall calendar.

Without going into pricing details, what's the longevity of an e-ink device at 60fps?

As far as I understand it, e-ink has essentially a "finite" albeit a very large number of refreshes available, when moving the "nodules" to display different images.

Has the issue been solved? E.g. will users be able to get at least 5-7 years of heavy usage out of this device? Or will this become e-waste after 2-3 years?

Hmm. I think there’s some blurring of the lines between “e-ink / e-paper” and what this actually is, which is neither. The makers aren’t directly doing it, but neither are they actively discouraging it. Which is convenient. It would be more accurate to remove “e-paper from the post title and maybe sticky the commentators who helpfully point this out.
My biggest need is for an ebook reader. What abilities does it have in that area? Having trouble finding info on that on the web site.
If this works it is life-changing for me. Eyestrain is now one of the biggest threats to my career and killjoys in my life. I backed the EazeEye kickstarter (which was backlit LCD) but wasn't satisfied with the result.

A work day without eye strain afterward would be gold. A work day on the balcony in the sun... Omg i am looking forward to the future!

I have to see that the way you're managing the pre-orders and batches on your website is exemplary. Congrats to your web team!
I’m definitely interested in this - but I’m wondering about software updates.

It mentions it runs Android 13 - which was released based in 2022. Android 15 is meant to be released soon.

Do you know if it’s possible to update this to more modern Android releases? How involved is it?

Or would it be tied to the older Android release for some time?

Very interesting product! Being here in Europe (Spain) the price point makes it a non-starter though. Especially with only a mediatek G99 (the same that was in my 110€ Samsung A9 Tablet).

However it's a nice idea and perhaps one that can become more mainstream and thus affordable. It's something I would buy if the price were right.

I'm too late, apparently, I'm only in batch 3 which is arriving in some four months or so. Sigh.

I did buy in though. I have a reMarkable 2 and it's a great device, but the software is super subpar. I'm cautiously optimistic about this device running Android, because that means I can run anything on it.

Pre-ordered! I noticed in the marketing photos that there was a keyboard, but it's not included in the pre-order bundle. Is there a recommended keyboard for the Daylight that's wireless?
This and that open source 60fps e-ink display repo from a few days ago on HN makes me think we're about to see an explosion of new tech that is centered around eink type displays:

What's with the weird static effect you've overlaid on the images here? It's quite hard on the eyes.
Nah. I would wait for an ink display with 60 fps. SaaS is not the future of computing. I need control. For artistic purposes, an iPad and Wacom tablet are enough. But cool product for a rich audience. Why you call it "computer" and then a tablet. Just call it a tablet with apps in the cloud. :)
Very interested to see this. I have a Supernote which has passed the basic gadget test: I still use it regularly after the initial few weeks. But it's true that it is limited to (a) taking notes in meetings and (b) reading and annotating PDFs. I wonder what more I would do with a truly fast screen.
Wow it looks wonderful ! And just when I was thinking about buying a remarkable...

Hopefully I can get one for September.

Also, being on HN and all, how tinkerer friendly is it ? Already the fact that it's android and not a custom locked down os is great but, can I unlock it's bootloader and sideload custom roms for example ?

Oddly enough I find having apps (like Spotify) a turn off. I love my Kindle + it's extended battery life. Navigation is a bit of a pain in the ass, but otherwise I find it really great at just being a light-weight device for reading.

Looks beautiful though (and I found the website to be nice too!)

Excited for this, have tried out various e-ink things previously and the fast refresh seems like a game changer. Any chance a color version will be possible with this tech? Also - larger (monitor size) screens? I'd love to use this for coding outdoors as well as reading.
Would 190dpi screen be a deal breaker? Just wondering because Kindle scribe has around 300dpi.
I've been in the market for an e-ink tablet for a while, but was always turned off by the ghosting and low refresh rates. It's out of my price point right now, but if it gets cheaper for future generations, I'll definitely buy it!
I'm really excited about this device for B2B.

No glare, but with a backlight and excellent battery life make this a great option for Engineering. The only thing that's missing here is a rear camera. Fingers crossed this is considered in the future!

News story from Pocket-lint:

The Daylight DC-1 is a 'healthier' tablet that mimics e-ink without the lag:

Is this running a forked kernel and do you plan on mainlining the changes you made to Linux?
This looks fantastic! Congratulations, really amazing work.

It's unfortunate it's twice the price of others in the field like remarkable, it's a little bit beyond what I'd buy for "that seems cool, I might use it from time to time"

>Sol:OS is a custom Android OS carefully crafted to minimize distractions, with a clean, intuitive interface that keeps you in the flow.

I'm glad they admitted its provenance instead of hiding it like Rivian and Rabbit.

Looks great!

I have a Boox tablet from a few years ago that I'm still using sporadically, and can't quite justify replacing yet, but if I was in the market this would be very, very appealing. Congrats to the team on the launch! :)

Thank you! I've been itching for a product like this. Hate the strain computer screens give me. Kindle, and Remarkable felt too restrictive. Building on Android is a good move.
I would love a 15" portable external monitor based on this tech, hopefully thin enough that I can hang it in front of my laptop screen and use it to code outside.

Would pay top dollar for something like that.

Is it possible to see it offline?

Looks interesting but I'd like to see it before dropping $729.

Also can it work as an external monitor? I suppose there's Android app for it of course, but "natively"?

Can you tell us a bit more about the OS? does it resemble stock android or would it be unrecognizable for most people?

Tiny bit of feedback: the cart doesn't make it clear what the founder's edition is

Out of curiosity, how did you decide on the size of the device? Was it driven by cost considerations, preferences of the founding team, something else?

I think it’s a little too big for me, but I’m tempted.

I need this to have a dedicated drawing app with layers for me to even consider this. None of the eink tablets right now have good drawing apps even if you can technically do it.
What is the hobbyist developer experience? It’s very interesting but I mostly quit buying computation devices that I can’t hack on. Yeah, I’m not your market, but I gotta ask…
Not your target market because I am a cheapskate and only buy second hand stuff, but I will buy it when it becomes available on my local exchange marketplace. Good luck!
Really compelling product. Is the light temperature adjustable?
A bit odd on the marketing front. Marketing it as an outdoorsy tablet "sunlight readable" but then won't be available before the summer is over (October+)
>Introducing Sol:OS a distraction free operating system with everything you need and nothing you don't

Literally under that:

>All your content in one place - with icons showing kindle spotify, edge


I could see myself getting 4-5 of these one day so I could spread them around my desk to work and then stack them up in priority order when I was done.
I have a simple hack to achieve most of the advantages of the Daylight Computer: set the display of your computer, tablet or smartphone to greyscale. Voila!
I hope this tablet is capable of rendering it's own product website, because on my laptop with not-so-modest-specs it's a laggy unscrollable mess.
My first comment in HN. This looks extraordinary. Too bad you don't ship to LATAM, but it's worth asking a favor to friends in US to pick it for me
realize it's a consumer product, and a very cool one. would like to get security information about it so that IT depts can approve it for use by employees.

it's a great personal device, but every lawyer and analyst who wants to use one for company data will be blocked by IT until they get some specs. Android is not allowed in a lot of environments because it's so fragmented and impossible to lock down.

Man looked super cool but its just too expensive for me. I hope you guys are successful so your price point can go down a little so I can buy one in the future!
I bought a Kindle Scribe and I love it. I’m looking forward to use more e-paper screens in the future, so excited about this new product!
You know what is paper-like, has infinite FPS, never runs out of batteries, and costs about 100x less than this?

A physical notebook & a pen :)

We want the monitor, not the tablet. Plus the probably needed software for Windows, macOS ánd Linus to handle the color scheme.
It looks like it currently doesn’t ship to Japan. Any plans to include Japan in the future? I would have pre-ordered already if it did.
Is there any video/comparison for the software functionality with the likes of Kindle Scribeb, ReMarkable, etc. for note taking?
This is a late comment, but it would be amazing if the AOSP device tree is available to the community.
Android 13, at a time when 15 will likely be production ready in a few months, seems to hint at a risk of not getting updates.
If I make a $100 deposit now, (because I prefer to wait for a review) What will be the price for the next batch?
Are you going to sell LivePaper as an electronic component or it's just going to be available for Daylight devices?
Ohh my, on first blush this looks great.
Is there a video demo where you can see how it refreshes the display and how smooth it really is?
I’m only able to see the page for a split second before it throws a full-screen ‘application error’.
Absolutely love the idea! Although I'll wait for a while for reviews, congrats on the launch!
Could you make the bezel any larger?
Still just a tablet... Damn, been waiting for a viable e-paper laptop monitor for a decade now
Can the skeumorphic simulated paper page flipping be turned off in favor of simple scrolling?
I was just trying to order one. But only available to ship to a limited list of countries.
Wow, wondered when the next advancement was coming in epaper and now it's here
today's e-ink displays could provide some sort of color, can anyone tweak the color for coding friendly so we can use it in editor or terminal? Just 8 colors would be sufficient for most programming tasks.
I always preferred amber to green when using monochrome PC monitors way back.
Ordered. Can you recommend a stand that has worked well? Love the vision.
Sol:OS... it's just Android but we have to call it an OS I guess
This sounds too good to be true. But if it is true, I want it.
Do it right and you'll be eating Amazon's lunch!
Looks like a beautiful device, congratulations on your launch!
Seems almost exactly what I was asking to a e-book reader: fast refresh, powerful enough and potentially open to run user apps and allow offline work; price is nice too. My only complaints are the use of Android, no 13" version that would be a godsend for technical books with graphs and diagrams, and the apparent lack of a headphones connector. Not sure about the latter as the web page is absolutely atrocious to navigate if one is after actual information instead of fancy graphics. I plan to continue to to wait for the PineNote to mature, because I will always sacrifice functionality to get more openness, but I'm glad something is happening also among the others. Its screen refresh speed is fantastic; I hope they will license the technology to others too, and possibly make panels alone available for sale. As a maker, I would welcome even a reduced speed (say 5-10 fps) version of the raw panel for sale at a decent cost for tinkering.
What is included in the price in addition to the tablet itself? Stylus? Cover?

Is it possible to fasten the stylus to the tablet/cover such that the stylus doesn't get lost easily?

If the stylus gets lost, is it possible to purchase a new one?

photo comparison between ipad and daylight - ipad is in the shade, daylight in sunlight

not an ipad (or any apple) fan, but not a great way to instill confidence

Nice subtle(?) reference to Vannevar Bush at 1:00 mark.
What is the magazine article they’re flipping through?
Doesn't ship to Australia :(

But checkout with Bitcoin Lightning :O

Enjoy my $100 deposit. Such a cool thing you’ve made!
Can this run Doom ? also can this run custom Linux?
What an obnoxious website to use on a mobile device
I need to see Return of the Obra Dinn on this
Is there an independent review, preferably video?
60Hz, my god, finally a mature product comes.
One feedback on the webpage: it is impossible to find any spec on the device. It is pure emotion and marketing bull$hit, zero information.

If you want to copy Apple & Co on this, please remember to also bring the tech specs.

Like: Operation System, Ram, Storage, Battery Life, Format Factor, Weight, I/O.

My assumption: you have a less crappy display with a outdated compute unit, made from leftover Shenzhen parts.

Sorry, but every year hundreds of startups fail with a "big promise bad product" strategy.

It is nothing against this product, i just have trust issues if a company cannot even create a basic webpage that delivers relevant information.

This is very cool! Congrats on the launch!
Yeah this looks like a cool device. I love my Remarkable, but the lack of backlight and slow refresh rate means it’s not as versatile as it could be.

A tablet that has similar screen properties to eink but with a backlight and 60fps would be much more usable, especially at night.

Browser scroll behavior override alert.
product aside, I thought the design of the website and the branding was quite sleek, kudos to the team.
This would be killer for musicians!
Planning for a keyboard case?
Where is this manufactured?
so the only problem now is that, it's black and white, not full color
Can you ship to Singapore ?
No shipping to Romania? :(
729 dollars. Massive miss
For those who receive their copies and who also ordered the iPad Nano Textured glass; how do they compare/contrast. I know the stark difference in everything from the material to the entire concept but one has to stick to one, what kind of compromises and limitations will someone be deciding on.
No headphone jack? Why?
Now if only this display manufacturer and Framework could collab, it would be so cool to swap a LivePaper display onto framework devices
One thing that disappointed me with rM2 was the broken promise of developing your apps, rm2 became pretty closed (or not as easy and accessible) ecosystem, and I think it suffered. Most people on rM1 praised their DIY and hackability. Daydream looks beautiful, I hope they incentivise apps creation for the everyday engineer, who likes to tinker in spare time - it is Android
Quote: "For a limited time get the founder’s edition complete with accessories. Tablet, stylus, charging cable + extras"

Do they plan to apply Apple's style of asking for an arm for extra stuff that the rest of hardware vendors include by default? I wish good luck to them with that then. Hard pass

Where do I invest?
the site loads OK, but keeps crashing when I scroll to the "animated text on scroll" section . I'm on Brave Android on a phone with 12GB RAM.
what is the warranty you are offering?
I see the website for about half a second on my up to date iPhone and then it just says “client side error” and blanks out the entire screen. Now I have no idea what your product is.

Plain html never killed anybody.

this is good enough to game on
oof it’s heavy
This screen, but built into a proper laptop please.

I want to actually do work from outdoors.

Uhm, thats a very expensive Mediatek Tablet with outdated android.
tl/dr: it's marketed as e-paper, but it's not e-paper... it's reflective LCD.
Why?! The point of eink is that it's slow refresh.
It’s funny that Tech is the source of and solution to all of our problems. But my real critique is that all portable devices these days are around $1000 dollars. I’m sure this display makes the device expensive, why can’t we just have a more humane workflow in our current devices instead of buying a new device?
Congrats on the launch!

I was scrolling and everything on the hardware looked great (although I was looking for how the tech is different from e-ink, not how better its properties are).

Then I reached "Introducing Sol:OS" and stopped right there. Didn't look further and closed the tab. I'm skeptical when it comes to custom OS. Not a lot of startups can handle a hardware+software company. Hardware is hard enough. Software is second class citizen and doesn't get regular updates after a few years.

Not shipping internationally is a pretty frustrating decision. This device is almost exactly what I want, but I can't buy it because you... can't put it in a DHL box with a different country's name on it?

Congrats on the launch, but this is kind of a kick in the nuts.

Mild edit: I checked a UK address and it turns out you can put it in a DHL box with a different country's name on it, you just can't print the word Australia on the box. Nice. If this is because the device can't stand up to kangaroo rides, can I have one if I assure you that I won't take it with me when I hop to the shops?