Just a heads up that Firefox pops up a dialog asking whether I'd like to translate the page from Russian as soon as I open your site - you have lang="ru" on your <html> tag
Hi, congrats on launching, few questions:

1. "4.9 from 200+ reviews" where I can read these reviews?

2. "97% of visitors aren't ready to buy. All the time and money spent on ads, SEO, and content marketing goes to waste. Potential customers leave and never come back." What is the actual value proposition? That the conversion rate will increase because of funny cursor?

Is this really going to increase conversion rate of a website? And what percentage of users is even seeing a cursor anymore, since most people are accessing the web on mobile devices now?

Also, what exactly does this even do? Can I not just add cursor: url(myimageurl) to my css and have my cursor for free?

Clicking the "Generate" button replaces my cursor with a text cursor, so I don't see what the new cursor is.
So cool but i am not sure about increasing the rates i will show to our cmo.
We need more startups like yours!
Is this for fun or are you really saying a cursor can increase sales?
Well done, I miss the time when websites used to change your cursor to random shit.